Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Signage Precedence

This is my first example of interesting signage.  I like the layout of this signage because it is appealing and draws the viewer towards the sign.  Colors are fun and inviting and mesh well with the colors located around the rest of the room.  The signage is flat and painted onto the wall as to not take away from the design of the room.

This example of signage is from the Milwaukee Art Museum.  I like this example because it is simple and incorporates both material items as well as information on the monitor above.  The layout on the tv echoes the repeated shapes on the wall below as well as the blocks of color in the background and probably around the rest of the museum.

I chose this office signage as my last collection of signs because it is an interesting way to switch the normal office signage up.  I like the layout of this sign because it is laying different materials over one another which i think really works for this space since the wall is glass.  The sign helps the office to stay open and airy while clearly indicating where things around the office are located.

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